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When you’re injured, the cost of recovery can become a financial burden. Let us help you ease that burden and receive the compensation you and your family deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney Ocala, FL

When you are injured in an accident you did not cause, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim to seek monetary compensation for your losses. This type of claim involves determining the party who is at fault for your injury and the scope of your injuries, then negotiating with the negligent party’s insurance provider to receive a settlement that allows you to cover all of the expenses associated with your injury. Some examples of the expenses you may receive compensation for include:

  • Medical bills.
  • Coverage for your temporary or permanent disabilities stemming from the accident.
  • Lost wages due to time you have to spend out of work because of your injury
  • Non-tangible expenses, such as the need for psychological counseling or over-the-counter pain medication following an injury. These expenses are collectively known as pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Attorney in Ocala, FL

You can file a personal injury claim for injuries caused by a wide variety of accidents. Examples of these accidents include:

At Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli, we can advocate for you as you pursue your personal injury claim. Your case is unique and will need a personalized approach to secure an appropriate settlement for your economic damages. Contact us today for your free legal consultation.

Negligence and Personal Injury

The key to a personal injury claim is proving that your injury is due to another party’s negligence or reckless behavior. This is why it is critical that you submit substantial evidence of your accident alongside your personal injury claim. Evidence of your accident and medical needs can include medical transcripts, photographs of your injury or the scene of your accident, eyewitness testimonies, and reconstruction of the accident from a professional accident reconstruction specialist. Your personal injury attorney can determine which pieces of evidence are most important for your case and help you obtain these.

Even if you were partially at fault for your accident, you can still receive compensation for your losses. This principle is known as comparative negligence. With it, an injury victim’s compensation is reduced according to the percentage that he or she is found to be at fault for the accident. For example, if you are involved in a car accident and you are deemed to be 30% at fault, your total possible recovery is reduced by 30%. For example, if you were seeking $100,000 in damages, you would now only be able to recover up to $70,000. In Florida, there is no limit to how much an individual may be at fault to receive compensation. This is known as pure comparative negligence and it means that even if an individual is 99% at fault for his or her accident, he or she may still receive compensation for his or her losses.

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